Posted: Sunday, January 3, 2016 9:00 am

By Stuart Taylor

VALDOSTA — Randy DeCoudres and Jason Sherman’s love of barbecue goes back to their respective childhoods.

For DeCoudres, it was grabbing barbecue with dad at Hampton Barbecue on Hill Avenue, a small barbecue joint with a couple of tables in an empty lot, right where Stan’s Meats is now.

For Sherman, it was watching his grandfather, his father, LeRoy, and his mother, Evelyn, all cooking together in the kitchen, learning from them.

He still remembers the day he went from watching them to cooking with them.

“I was about 8 years old,” Sherman said. “I had always been standing around the kitchen, watching and taking notes, watching what they were doing.”

He learned their recipes and developed a lifelong love of cooking.

When he started working with DeCoudres a few years back at Two Friends, the two talked about barbecue. Last year, they decided to open a barbecue place along with DeCoudres’ partner at Friends, Chris Manwell.

“To do it right, it needed to be a stand-alone barbecue joint, where the focus is strictly barbecue,” DeCoudres said.

They started working on rubs and sauces, tweaking the recipes as they went along.

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